A ticketing system is a customer service tool that helps companies manage their service and support cases. The system or app creates a "ticket" which documents customer requests and interactions over time, making it easier for customer service reps to resolve complicated issues. icansoft ticketing system supports and helps you to better manage your help desk processes from first contact to resolution.

icansoft ticketing system can help customers through:

  • Providing all the ticketing system essentials.-Your organization can start with what it needs now, confident in the knowledge that it can build on its ticketing system as the organization and its IT support maturity grows.
  • Flexibility: icansoft ticketing system is easy to configure and customize as needed. It’s also modifiable as your company grows, with the ability to easily change the categories and other variables as often as is right for you.
  • Being a ticketing system that offers more than just ticketing. The icansoft ticketing system also offers capabilities related to self-service portal, knowledge management, IT asset management, remote support, password reset, monitoring, and more.
  • Choice of delivery mechanisms. Whether you need an on-premise ticketing system for compliance purposes or the flexibility of the cloud and SaaS, icansoft is relevant to whatever your needs are.

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