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Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products, services, or ideas using online-based digital channels. These channels include Search Engines, Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Social Media, Emails, and any new digital channel. Every business can choose one or multiple digital channels to grow their business. Since it’s an era of digitalization, more businesses focus on building a strong digital presence and attracting customers online.

We ensure that our clients find a one-stop solution to all their digital assets & strategy needs, and we can provide the best of our digital services to boost your business.

Digital Marketing Services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Account-Based Marketing.

Whether you’re well-established or a start-up, iCanSoft can help keep your business moving in the right direction with marketing and brand promotion.

A promotion strategy is defined by the plan and tactics you implement in your marketing plan, in order to increase the demand for your product or service. Promotion strategies play a vital role in the mix of marketing (product, price, placement & promotion), and they revolve around:

  • Target audience – who are you selling for and what are their interests
  • Budget – how much are you willing to invest
  • Plan of action – what strategy are you adopting in order to reach your purpose and make a profit.

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