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ElevatorAPI Development

iCansoft executes the development of API services, that stand out for its amazing performance, flexibility and client compatibility. We execute API development grasping the concept of your business model and customizing it according to your needs and requirements.

Database software we build consists of:

  • API for Cloud - Cloud platforms are extremely useful and convenient in data interaction and exchange. Cloud APIs make it possible for a software both to request and receive necessary information. All of us use Google Drive, which is, by the way, a perfect example of how API for the cloud let us store and manage photos, videos and docs with the online and offline access.
  • API for Mobile Applications - Nowadays, mobile phones are replacing computers and notebooks, becoming an indispensable tool, when it comes to the development of your business. A great variety of apps facilitating business productivity are being created each day. Among core services, iCanSoft can’t have you left behind, therefore, provides you with the service of developing APIs for mobile apps, that will allow you to keep track of your projects and deals as well as update and maintain your data.
  • API for Web Services - In order to communicate and share the information, a web service uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. When a user starts interaction with the web service, the application sends a HTTP request to a web service database, and, then, a client receives a HTTP response. Here, API serves as a framework for implementing these processes.

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